Papa Larry

Papa Larry (PL when referring to Grandpa and L when referring to my hubby) finally met the new grand baby last night. Funny how tiny C looks when PL picked him up. Mommy and Daddy came over for dinner last night. It was hot and miserable. Didn't stop me from holding the baby and burning the ground beef....oh well...I have my priorities! I know how quickly these baby's grow and I want to enjoy every second.

For those of you who are not Western Oregonians or don't know much about us, when temps get over 85 we begin to melt. There are a few transplants who love it but for those of us either born here or have lived here most of our lives, it's a killer. We hit 101 yesterday and it will probably be higher today. I can take 1 day of it and even 2 days with a little whining....but I sure hope that's all I have to endure. The house builds the heat up and it's not easy cooling it down. My girls are making plans to escape to Grandma's house (Central Air...not that they need that excuse) and we are making plans to have the little ones play in the sprinkler. Me? I would love to lay in my room and let our little window AC blow cool air over me....but I doubt that will happen.

I do pray for those who do not have means for cooling down. For those who are housebound. I pray God would give them relief. I pray also for those hard working people who either have to work outside in the heat or inside with no AC. My eldest son would be one of those working indoors with no AC if he wasn't on paternity leave.

Time to turn off this hot air blowing machine...and I'm not referring to myself!

May The Lord Bless you and Keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.


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