Spring got me!

Ok, so in a previous post "In the air..." I shared how I had no motivation for spring. How I didn't have a desire to even go into my back yard and all the reason for that. BUT...then....the day was sunny, the skies were blue, the yard was dry and it was calling out to us. I came home from a field trip with my 3rd grader and my babysitter (my mom) was there folding some of my laundry. I asked her if she wanted to go outside so we could take the littlest one out to play. She did...of course. My mom loves being outside. So we did...I got two lawn chairs set up and she got the baby's shoes on. We headed out and before I knew it...we working on cleaning up the back yard. Attacking the old fall leaves and the blackberries. We never did sit in the lawn chairs. We cleaned up the yard...it looks sooo much better. Though the grass, what's left of grass, may need help...or not. At least it's easier to see snakes in the dirt than in the grass. The best parts of all of it? The time the my mom and I had to share and the fact my littlest one and the dogs had a GREAT TIME! Then my older and oldest girls show up with my grandsons and...well...it was great being in the back yard with spring like weather!
Thank you heavenly father for the inspiration and the encouragement! I needed that!
p.s. can't post pics...having technical difficulities.


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