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My days have some regularity to them and yet not. Everything can change with just a phone call or text message or the knock on the door. I haven't been homeschooling lately like I should. My brain has seemed to be on hiatus and the girls have finished some of their text books so I am looking to get new ones. I have also been babysitting my 2mth old grandson 3 days a week for the last 3 weeks. That really switches up my day....juggling two babies.
The kids listed by number are not numbered by age. Just numbered by schedule.

6:15 alarm goes off. Potty dogs and I either jump in the shower or go and check facebook until time to wake up first kiddo.
6:30 I wake up kid 1, get her breakfast, check e-mail while she eats. Then I fix her hair.
7:00 send kid 1 to bus. I have prayer time.
7:15 wake up kid 2 and kid 3 usually wakes up also. Help with breakfast, pour myself coffee. Finish email or facebook if not changing, holding or feeding 'baby kid.' All this is always done with interruptions. Which brings me to 'baby kid.'
7-7:30 'baby kid' wakes up. Change her diaper and or clothes if we had diaper leakage during the night. Sit in desk chair and hold 'baby kid' until she is ready to eat. Put in high chair and feed her or recently she has been feeding herself cereal. Give out vitamins. Send kid 3 and baby kid to play or watch t.v.
7:30 wake up kid 5 and 6 (they are the homeschoolers...I wake them a little later so the kitchen and bathroom aren't congested).
8:00 warm up cold cup of coffee. Read blogs or do my make up and hair. make sure dogs are fed by kid 3. Blinds are all opened. Sometimes radio is turned on and or woodstove stoked.
9:00 have prayer and bible study with Homeschoolers. Then either work with them on their studies or get them going on their studies. Bathe 'baby kid' and kid 3 (separately) and get 'baby kid' dressed and ready for the day. If it's a bio mom visit day then I pack diaper bag and get 'baby kid' ready to go. Wait for call from state to see if visit will happen or not. They call by or at 9. 'Baby kid leaves for visit at 9:30 one day and 10:30 another day.
9:30-10:45 work on Kidz Klub lesson or homeschool lesson, keep track of girls progress, help with questions.
10:45 feed kid 3 lunch and ensure he gets ready for school.
11:15 take kid 3 to bus or have homeschoolers take him to bus (tell them this is P.E. lol)
11:30 Clean kitchen, start load of laundry
12:00 feed kid 5, 6 & 'baby kid' lunch.
12:30 lay 'baby kid' down for nap if she is home...otherwise wait for her to return home. Sometimes she will be asleep and will lay down and other times not so much!
12:00-2:40 We finish up our afternoon with home school, laundry, computer work, bill paying, housework, this and that. Sometimes trips to the library or grocery store.
2:40 Kid 1 and 3 arrive home from school. Then it's snack time and homework.
3:45 Kid 2 arrives home from school.
3:45-5:00 time is spent getting snacks, helping with homework, working on computer, finishing some house chores.
5:00-6:00 cooking dinner
8:15 Husband comes home from work, eats dinner, watches t.v., goes to bed.
8:30 Kids 1, 3, and 'baby kid' go to bed
9:00 Kids 2, 5 & 6 go to bed.
9-10 I watch t.v.
10:00-11:00 I am on the computer either for fun or for bills and lessons. Sometimes stay on even later.
There are several times during the day I am playing with the baby, changing the baby, getting snacks for the baby and so on. Letting dogs out and in. Text messaging with my husband, my adult daughter and my daughter inlaw. Talk to or see my mom almost daily.
My chores and activities are flexible....It's the school times and kids visits that are not. I feel I spend ALOT of TIME watching the clock.
My life working with the state includes many phone calls, emails, home visits, and court dates. But I don't mind.
I love my life as a SAHM! I pray I never have to give it up...again.


Claire said…
What a busy day! You're an inspiration!


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