Next step

We received some documents from the state for the next step of the adoption. We need current back ground checks and we need medical forms filled out. How much I weigh would be covered under HIPAA wouldn't it??? LoL! So I need to get those completed and sent back in. I was told by our caseworker, our certifier has 3 months to gather all the adoption information. It has been one month. I have already put off for a week the completing of the paperwork. I need to get on that!!! I have not received word of the 'show cause' hearing for the bio dad. That happened last Friday. Just curious if he showed up or not....but I guess it doesn't really matter if I know or not. I just need to focus on getting our part done.
I love this baby girl so much. Everyday is a precious gift with her. She is such a character. She makes us laugh every single day. My parents kept her for two nights last week and that is all they have talked about since. They had a blast. She was so good for them which I am so thankful.
We received some great news this week. My two homeschool girls have been accepted into web school...called "Clackamas Web Academy." they will be issued a laptop and they can somewhat work at their own pace here at home. We have been assigned an advisor. They have teaching labs, field trips, and celebrations. The girls are excited. I am a little nervous. Something so new. Sadly I just bought 4 work books for them last week and they have only completed one or two pages in each. Sigh! That's money out the window. That's what I get for not going to the Lord in prayer first. Just being compulsive! When will I ever learn.
The advisor will be coming to our home tomorrow and we will know more then.
Spring break is next week and we can not wait!!! I love when the kids are out of school and hanging at home. I am praying the Lord will open the window of blessings for us next week. I have a couple of activities that won't take any money...just gas money. I am hoping more things will come up. It will be nice.
I am sure I will be posting updates on that...I am praying for all good updates!!!


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