Another chapter?

Yesterday we had another 'Caretaker Committee Meeting.' This time it was for the other two foster kiddos in our home. This one was very different for me. I didn't have a sense of desperation like I did with our baby BG. I love MK and LB very much but I feel very torn for them in regards to where they spend the rest of their childhood. They know their parents. They have regular weekly visits with their parents. Their parents love them. These kids had a loving foundation, you can tell by how they interact with us. But the state knows the situation better than I. Since I don't know the past events and I don't even know the current condition of either parent, I will put my trust in the Lord. The Lord has us working with the state, so I must trust the state will make the best choice for the kids. I do know in my heart I would want them to return to their Mom if living conditions were ideal, but if they can not return to either parent I know I desire for them stay part of our family. So, going into the meeting yesterday I had a calmness this time. I presented our case to them...our home...our family....our routines. Plans we would make to keep them a part of their bio family and then we stepped back and let them decide. They agreed we are the best placement for the kids IF they do not return to their mom or dad. The 'if' in that statement is pretty big. It is unknown at this point if they will be returned or not....but at least we know, if they are not returned they will stay with us. Another chapter will be written. That is great news!

So now the waiting (on our part) begins. We wait to see what the parents do. We wait to see what the state does. We wait to see how the attorney's work it out. We just wait and what I love about all of that? I'm totally fine with waiting. I feel so at peace. I'm not concerned either way. OH how I desire to feel this way about every aspect of my life. It is a great is so freeing! It is the way it should be in our life. This is how God desires our faith to be.

So, we wait. We love on these kiddos. We continue on as a family. We focus daily on the day that is at hand. We praise God! We wait on the Lord!


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