Spring Break Coming to a Close

Sad to say Spring Break is coming to a close. I have loved having the kids home. I have loved having no appointments, no state visits, no morning alarm clock, and no watching the clock constantly. The week went quickly. We didn't have money or time to take a trip out of town so we stayed home and I tried to do something at 3 of the 5 weekdays with the kids.
Day 1 we spent with Papa Larry. Just hung around the house and enjoyed being a family.
Day 2 we went to a new (to us) park in Portland. It's called the Rose Garden Children's Playground. After we left there I took the kids to the Oregon Rose Garden but none of them wanted to get out...so I got out and took a few photos. We picked up Taco Bell on the way home. They were thrilled with that.
Day 3 we went to a new (to us) park in Sandy Oregon. It was awesome. the kids loved it, I loved it and what a beautiful setting. It had a slide the little one loved so I didn't have to spend my time chasing her through the playground. She learned to go up the stairs and down the slide all by herself. She must have made 25 trips down that slide. The bigger kids had plenty of slide and bars, and such to keep them busy. BUT then they discovered the creek. They played in that for 45 minutes or more. On the way home I picked up subs and then we looked and looked for a park to stop at...to avail. Then I spotted a small church with two small play structures and a nice grassy area and one picnic bench. Perfect. The sun was warm and I sat and watched the kids play...now that was nice!!!
Day 4 we went to a new (to us) museum called the World Forestry Center. Had a great time even though the exhibit for that day was 'Reptiles' We then decided to walk next door to the Children's Museum and after some play time there, we went to the zoo. It was rainy, cold, and windy...but we didn't care. We just wanted to hit a part of the zoo we didn't see the last two times (thankful for membership) we were there. We then headed home.
Day 5 We stayed home and had family come to visit. The kids wanted to go...I kinda wanted to go...but the house needed some cleaning and then the 'adult' kids needed mommy time too. Plus I need a grandson fix! So we had a good day of visiting and kids playing outside. I did rent them the movie Planet 51 and bought them Chocolate Chip cookies...so that was a treat.
So we have today, which is half over and tomorrow which is church day and then it's back to school, visits, and .......the same'o same'o....but I guess that's ok. At least that means everyone is well, we still have our home, and nothing has changed.
I am thankful for the time we have had and sooooo look forward to summer break!
Random pics!
*You will notice a couple of kiddos missing from some of the pics. The day we made our trip to the Museums we left baby with Grandma because weather was nasty and we decided to take the city rail line called 'Max.' It's an hour ride each way. Also our oldest son was at his bio mom's all of spring break.


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