Addition to last post

I reread the last post this morning and realized I left out some critical info. I shared how the kids love their parents and their parents love them but what I left out is this. The state did have great reasons for removing these two babes and I know what those reasons are. I didn't want to leave my post sounding like these kids had a great home with great parents and the state stepped in and removed them. I was making a point earlier that the kids were not physically abused, they were not emotionally neglected. There was love there in their foundation. They were are loved. Sadly we as humans make devestating choices, choosing to sin, and those choices have devestating consequences. Many times sin in our lives has consequences that carry on into months, years, and sometimes generations. I hope I can be used by God to help break that cycle.
>God bless the kids in State care.
>God bless the parents who are working at getting on the right track.
>God bless the state workers who are pulled by many strings and are required to jump through many hoops....who many times are 'damned' if they do and 'damned' if they don't.
>God bless the foster parents who are caring and loving on these kids. Who are fostering....morally.


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