In the air...

Spring is in the air. You can feel it coming. People are all abuzz. It only took 2 nicer days to really get people going. Then the temps dropped to the 30's and the rain came. People are starting to hit the 'nurseries' for seeds and soil.

I love Spring but I am just not feeling it yet this year. Our back yard is a mess. We moved into this home in 06. We paid have the yard leveled and planted. We put in a patio area, a small garden area, and worked hard to get everything healthy. It has been nothing but a failure. It's too dark for a good garden, a mole/gopher ran rampant last year, and this year? I have no idea what is back there but there are teeny tiny mounds all through the dirt (use to be grass) and most of the grass is gone. The blackberries have taken over the back fence and the bushes are overgrown. Blah. I don't mind the overgrown bushes and blackberries so much, but the grass? I don't know what the heck is up with that. I had so looked forward to our little one playing back there this year. Sure we can replant but I have to investigate what happened first. So, it's kinda a drag.

Also as I have shared openly MANY times...I hate snakes and our back yard is haven or a rest area for them. Behind our fence is a huge area of blackberries and behind that a train track. So, pretty much a snakes paradise back there. It has gotten to where I can barely stand going back there during the summer because i know I will see one. I am sure there is a Godly lesson in this. Something HE is teaching me and maybe I am being resistant to the lesson. I don't know. I do desire for this creatures not to have any affect on me...but they do. Not sure how to overcome it. So, spring is on it's way and so are the snakes. drag.

I try not to post with a downer attitude so I will end with this. This year I have a little girl who can walk so this year will be a time of learning. It is time for her go and explore more of the outdoors. Where there is dirt, bugs, grass (there are small patches) and leaves, flowers, clouds and such. All things of wonder. Time for her to play until she is wore out! Oh and of course there is the water fountain she will play in. It's small and not a drowning hazard...but just enough water to throw dirt and rocks in. Maybe with her around the snakes won't dare come around. Maybe she will be the guard. The guardian of the Porter property. Should be a lot of pics to post this summer.

Spring break is next week and I can NOT wait. No school for us for an entire week. We can sleep in (at least a little) and we can go and do things. Maybe we will have a day where we can all go outside and do clean up. The kids like helping with that. I am hoping to get to take them on fun outings. The zoo, a children's museum, and such. Most things are financially out of our reach but I am hopeful for a few activities. Even if we can just go to some parks, they would love that.

So spring is in the's just around the corner. Are you ready?


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