Made the mistake...

I made a huge mistake this morning. I made the mistake of thinking what a nice and easy day it was going to be. Yep...I let that thought creep through my brain for several minutes. I enjoyed the thought of fewer kids at home, no appointments or meetings. Just a free flowing day of little ones, laundry, a few dishes, and some reading. Well that did it...that stepped over the line. Must have been the thought about me reading. No sooner did that pleasant thought bring some relaxation to my body did I hear these words...."my tummy is hurting!" Suddenly the door was closing as quickly as it had opened. The weight falling back onto my shoulders. I spouted some quickly thought up reasons for this 'tummy ache' such as maybe your are just hungry, maybe you need a drink of water, maybe you need me to rub your tummy, maybe I need to send you to Grandmas so 'I' can still get 'MY' day! Ok...I didn't really say that last part
With just 4 words my day has hit a 'U' turn. The one who never gets sick is the one who is. She had even bigger plans than I did. She had a visit with her bio mom after school and then Grandma (my mom) was going to pick her up for a sleepover. Now not only are there tears from her tummy hurting but there are tears for HER day as well. Maybe we should both just crawl back in bed and start over...afterall it was my mistake!!!
Update: After I wrote this, the tummy went away and she went to school. All was well. So all my cyber whining was for nothing! :-)


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