Sunny Fall day

Here it is a beautiful fall day in Oregon. The sun is shining and the air is cool and leaves are changing color. I think this is the first time since I graduated from school that I am not ready for summer to end. I do not enjoy the heat but I do love the sunshine and I love making plans for activities which include being outside. I'm not ready but it's going to happen no matter what.

Two of the foster kids had a great day the other day. They were able to have two visits. One with their dad and one with their mom. The visits went great and they so enjoyed it. I am so happy for them. As much as we love them and would love for them to stay with us....I am so thankful they have parents who love them and show them that love. The system is draining to work with but having the opportunity to share a life with these kiddos is a most excellent blessing. I am so thankful. They have brought so much to our lives. I do continue to pray for healing of their parents....if not for the sake of the parents at least for the sake of the little ones.

My life the last few months has felt overwhelming (and I don't use that word very often). It has felt disorganized, cluttered, rocky, and heavy. So, I am putting my chin up, taking a deep breath and laying it all out...all out to God! I NEED him to lift this burden. I NEED him to show me and lead me. I NEED him to show me how to gain control of my life. How to organize it. How to declutter it. How to make it glorifying of HIM. I know he will be I just have to stick to it. I need not bow down to the strain and give in. I have to continue in diligent prayer. Not letting up. I am allowing too many factors to come in and throw me off track. Allowing factors to distract me from God. So it's time....time to love Him and return ALL of my life to HIM.

I pray you are walking this life with Him in the lead. I pray you have given Him your all. That each day you wake and He is the first thought and he is leading your thoughts and actions through out the day. I pray He is the last thought at night. If not.....join with me in turning our lives back over to him. Not just our church life, but all aspects of our life. Financial, decision making, recreational....all of it.

Glory to God.


Heather Friesen said…
The evidence of the Lord's hand in your life is great. I so appreciate your posts of honesty and transparency. Mostly, I love to see you directing all things to the Lord. AMEN!

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