Feel the need...

Just feel the need to talk. Nothing much on my mind...or maybe there is TOO much on my mind. Good opportunity to just ramble and to also share some of my pictures.

Had a review hearing for two of our kiddos. It was a referee and not a judge and I must say I was very impressed with her. She seemed genuinely concerned for the children. I must of stood up about 5 times to answer questions and share about the kids. Usually with our other little one, I get about 30 seconds air time. Tell them how wonderful they are doing and then that's it. No questions. So it was refreshing to see the concern. Neither parent attended the hearing....not sure why they didn't, but everyone in attendance was surprised they were not there. Nothing new came of the hearing which can be a good thing. We will just continue doing what we are doing. Pray Gods will be done, take each day as it comes, and loving on the kids always.
On another topic:
I hate Halloween. I never have liked it really. I have always enjoyed dressing up but I can do that any time of year. So, every year I can not wait for October to be over. The entire month I have to endure all the demonic decorations, tv shows, and movies. I also have to endure the endless questions from my kids as to why we don't celebrate it. I always feel so relieved when November 1st is here. BUT I do enjoy fall and everything it brings. It brings an array of color. It brings beautiful pumpkins and gourds. I love bales of straw and now you can sometimes find small bales....how cute is that. So this weekend we are planning a trip to a local farm and scour their pumpkin patch. I enjoy simply going and looking for pumpkins, drinking hot apple cider and looking at Indian corn and such...but now most pumpkin patches are like a county fair. Pay as you ride. Pay to ride a wagon. Pay to slide a slide....and oh my goodness one year there were helicopter rides. So, it isn't quite the same and we haven't gone for a few years. We usually go to a small patch down the road. It's just pumpkins, veggies, and flowers. Way lower key but we usually have fun. BUT this year we will venture into the wilds or marketing strategies and three ring circuses. Why? Because the kids will have fun and as much as I hate the overabundance of it I do know they are local farmers and I like supporting the farmers. I am so thankful the weather forecast is for cloudy skies because it hasn't stopped raining once.

Don't pumpkin patches allow for the best pictures ever though? I always get the best pictures of my kids at a pumpkin patch. Is it the colors? Is it the fact the kids are having a great time and have sheer joy seeping out their eyes? Doesn't matter the reason just that it is true! So, this weekend we will go and find the perfect pumpkins, make a huge mess at home with them and then the best ending of it all....roasted pumpkin seeds. Oh yeh...that's the other reason I go!


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