Fun never ends....

The saga with the adult daughter has finally leveled for the moment. This is the one who is unwed and pregnant. We had an issue with the midwife she was seeing, neither one of us cared for her. She never acted like she had met my daughter before. She never would answer our questions. She never addressed the concerns my daughter had in regards to her back. So KR asked to be transferred to an OB. They said we had to meet with the midwife again to state your concerns...we didn't feel we needed to have another visit with said midwife but the "policy" was to meet with the provider and discuss the issues. Due to work schedules, we did not feel we should have have to waste our time and money on another appointment. Soooo, they made a decision to close her file and asked her to leave the clinic...per "policy." WOW...I had never heard of that before. So, it has been over a month since she had any prenatal check ups. Drama with finding a doctor who accepts her insurance. Drama in getting the 'old' clinic to fax her chart. BUT finally...we did it. I took a leap and suggested she go and see my Gynecologist. I have not seen him in almost two years (yes, a confession) and yet he walked in from lunch while we were in the waiting area and he recognized and greeted me. The nurse recognized me also....before we left KR had received two hugs from strangers. One from the nurse and one from the Doctor. Made her feel much better. wasn't like that before. You went to the midwives for the tender and personal care. But I am sure it's like everything in this day and time, corrupt. Some have melded with the medical world due to liability and convenience. Enough said about that. I am sure there are still some great ones out there.
The peace I felt waiting for the doctor while sitting in the exam room was wonderful and unexpected. I didn't really give it that much thought, but it came and flooded my soul. Gods plan...I truly feel God closed 'that' door and opened this one. This doctor is a Christian and he makes it known. This doctor loves his family and talks about them at every appointment. So why didn't I have her go to him in the first place? Distance, time, and knowing my daughter wanted a female doc....BUT God prevailed and placed us where HE wants my girl and my grandson.
The update: The father of the baby is now in Great Lakes Ill. in basic training. He went there the first part of October. So my daughter is alone. She only has one good friend who is either at work or hanging with her boyfriend. She has no cable tv and she has no computer for internet service. My heart aches for my girl. I know she chose her path, I know she will survive but I hate that she is alone. I hate that she is going through the most beautiful adventure of her life...without the father of the baby participating. Not even sure he can make it for the birth....I know her heart wants him here. So I will continue to pray that God will keep speaking to her heart. God will continue to open and close doors for her. God will bring her around to surrender her life to Him...and if it takes loneliness....if it takes her Mom staying out of the way....then I will. Because I want God to be the center of her life so she can make it in the days to come.
I know God blessed with me with this girl baby...because that was my prayer so many years ago. Thinking she would be my last and so desired a girl baby. He chose to bless me in that way. I have continued to be blessed by her. And though this chapter in her life is giving more grey hairs then I would choose to have....I do not regret those endless prayers requesting that she be given to me. She is beautiful, kind, loving, and perfect! I am so thankful for her.

So, once again I will say....parenting the adult kids is much more stressful than parenting the little ones....but oh how thankful I am to share in their lives.

We will be having a LA Dodgers baby shower....we have ordered the to work out the details.....the work...I mean fun....never ends! Praise God!

My beautiful girl...8mths pregnant with my Grandson


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