Made a dent...

No I didn't back into my husbands truck again...oh wait, I don't think i have confessed that one on here before. I have, however, made a dent in the 'stuff' that has accumulated in my home. I have family coming over in a little while to help haul it off. It will be nice to get it out of here. I still have a BUNCH of stuff to go through...but it's a start and I won't let the serpent (you know how much I HATE snakes) take away the joy I have for getting a good start. I'm not looking ahead...I am focused on today...and today I have a BUNCH of 'stuff' going out the door!The load on my shoulders has lifted a bit.
I spoke with a dear sister in the Lord yesterday and mentioned how I am 'spring cleaning,' trying to get my house in order and she shared something with me. She said collecting stuff (hoarding, stock piling, and etc) is a generational which she suffers from and she decided the other day, after working on her Dad's house (he passed away a few weeks ago) she wants the curse to broken now...with her. At first I just listened but think much about it but then to my mind came images of my Mom renting a storage unit just to store Christmas stuff and such. Then my went to my Grandmas house. Her house was not filthy like the hoarders you see on T.V. but boy let me tell ya....she had the stuff. What-nots, knick-knacks every where. Even 'pretty's on the floor. I think most everything was a gift...she doesn't from my memory seem like a shopper but boy there were things everywhere. So...I think my friend is right. It is generational. What makes it a curse is because we are always desiring things we don't NEED. We buy, keep, gather, store things that are not needed...they are only wanted. Things that take up space, gather dust, and use up living least in my case. I am horribly sentimental. I use to keep everything....I am much better now, but boy let me tell is quite emotional to go through things that have sentimental value. A couple of years ago I went through some clothing...this clothing was gross. It was mildewed and rotten basically (from poor storage) I almost kept was some of my son's baby clothes and my maternity shirt. They were not usable and I know me...I would not have done anything crafty with them and I have a few other things stored and in good shape. So I parted with the nasty stuff. So, mildewed, rotten, useless worthless... BUT oh so hard to part with. That's a curse! It was exhausting. Even this week I am having trouble getting rid of some of the toys my younger girls had when they were smaller. No one plays with them...they take up space and get filthy dirty! They HAVE to go....and I am praying they go fast because I can feel my heart strings being pulled every time I pass by them!

Yep...I would say it's a curse....but one I know I can overcome! WITH my Fathers help. He will get me through this. Now when I go through 'things' I ask him to give me eyes to see the truth, a heart to be strong, and wisdom to know what to do. I am not storing for the future (not talking about food...just stuff) kids or grandkids. If we have more kiddos come along God will provide. If my grandkids need something...God WILL provide.
So...a long road lays ahead....but today I accomplished one block and God willing...I will finish this marathon a free woman. Free from a bondage of 'Stuff.'

Isaiah 40:31
"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

As for the eating healthy part...not so much. Not as bad as normal...but not great either! This bondage must be broken also. Pray hard dear ones! Pray hard!


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