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Life has been feeling a little 'full' lately so I haven't blogged for a while. Fathers Day has come and gone. I wanted to mention on here what great Dad I have. He has had his challenges and we sometimes have challenges with him but he truly is a GREAT Dad. He never left us. He never sexually abused us. He always provided for us. There were many rough times but he got us through (with the help of a wonderful wife). He picked up a few belongings and drove our family to Oregon. He left behind him Mom and all his siblings to come to a state where he only knew his brother in-law and sister in-law. It appears to have been a wonderful decision. Gave us kids more opportunity. He did a full turn around a couple of years ago when he had a health scare and it was wonderful to see the change. He started going to church. He started being loving and kind to my mom and though some of the ol' Ed comes through he is still a better person. God saw to that. He has fallen in love with my two youngest daughters. Loving them and treating them like I have never seen him love or treat anyone. Many times I have stood aside and said "who's that? What the heck? Who took my dad and left this one in his place." truly remarkable...truly a God thing. My dad suffered the loss of his dad at a young age, married my mom when it was the 'right thing to do,' coached little league, played baseball, helped to build a church, worked to care for us, gardened with a passion, helped with repairs to houses and cars, worked many years in garment factories and in lumber mills, survived the loss of a son, outlived all his siblings, just recently had a hip replaced and yet takes walks everyday. He gathers his neighbors newspapers to recycle at the church (to help the church earn money), he takes their recycle and garbage tubs up for them, and plays with and loves on this precious (precocious) foster baby of ours. He hasn't always been the most loving or kind person but he has given us life. He is my Dad and I am thankful to God for him!
Today is my Sister Angie's birthday. She is 55. She is the oldest girl in my family and the one who helped my mom to raise me. She was at the age of being able to love on me, play with me, and appreciate me when I came into this world. She was 11yrs old when I was born. She has always been so dear to me. She is one of the most wonderful people in this world. She loves and cares for people without judgment or condemnation. Ok...well she may say a few comments behind your back but usually only to be funny. Speaking of funny. She is the one in our family who makes everyone laugh. She is not slap stick funny...she is sarcastic or self condemning funny. Hard to explain... but she cracks her family up. She has always given 150% of herself to her family. We may differ on our religious beliefs but we love each other deeply. I am so thankful for her. She is a part of my heart. Happy Birthday dear sister. I LOVE YOU

My sister Angie, second from the left


Anonymous said…
My darling daughter, I have to tell you how much I love you and that I had your dad read your blog pages about Father's day and Angie's birthday. He cried and I hugged and kissed him and told him, "that's what we have to be thankful for". Our kids are so precious and such a blessing. God has been very good to us. Love you, Mom

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