A sisters birthday

Today is my Sister Jeannette's birthday...Flag Day! We always joked that America celebrated Jet's birthday by hanging out their flags in her honor. She is my sister who is closest to me in age (me being the youngest of the brood). What I remember of her is her being quiet. She read a lot and she got A's and B's in school. She learned two foreign language classes, French and Spanish. She was always skinny (How I missed that gene isn't fair at all) and she was the one that had the most red in her hair. She is a good hearted person though we kid her about being the 'scary' one. She loves horror flicks and Sci Fi. She is a brilliant woman. The knowledge she has in her head is staggering (another gene that seemed to stop before me). She has the knowledge of God but I am not sure if she has a relationship with Jesus. She knows about him and she probably has more knowledge of the his history than I, but as for a relationship...that's between her and him. I pray she does.
She is dear to my heart. We have been close a couple of times in my adult life and life then separates us, but know she loves her family. She gave us two beautiful girls who have in turn given us two more darling girls and one precious little boy. Jeannette is a rare soul. I love her dearly and I am proud she is my sister!
Happy Birthday Jeannette!
In the picture she is sitting in her 'Granny' chair. She wanted it big enough to sit together with her grandkids.


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