Heat in May?

I have a difficult time blogging or even being on the PC when it's hot and in the opinion of this 'raised' western Oregonian it has been hot!!!
Today was much cooler and so here I am sitting at the computer. The husband is still bummed but on the mend. He will go back to work just in time for school to be out. So much for catching up the homeschool kids.
We received news the other day our foster baby's mom will not be having visits for a while. Sad for the mama but happy for me to have a break from all the visits. The other two kids are down to one visit a week. So, I was looking forward to some extra home school time and focusing on the those students when last Monday hit and the husband was home. That threw a wrench into everything and when he goes back to work the two public school kids will be out of school. Yes, I am feeling irritated and sorry for myself. Just seems ya can't catch a break. Just some self centering's leaking in.
So now that, that is out there i will try to accept it and move on. The good news we received is the state asked if we would consider being a permanent resource for BG. Of course!!! So, a long road ahead. Lot's of unknowns, but that is what life is all about. The unknown future, but moving forward in faith. So, our family unit may change this year. Time will tell.
Something that will change beginning this summer is ministries. God has once again opened the door to a women's ministry in our church. Last year I lead a bible study on 'women of the bible.' This year he pressed upon my heart to have a 'reconnection' time. A time where we women come together, for prayer, praise, fellowship, scripture, and dessert! Good times. The other ministry is pretty common but yet something different for our church body. I will have to share details of that later. But I do know this. The enemy has hit hard. Whispering in my ear how I am not qualified to organize or lead this ministry. Whispers of "you will fail...you are a failure!" And though I know the voice some days it's hard not to listen. I am nervous. There is a lot to do plan and do. Keeping the balance of family first, outside ministry second....a little scary. We will see how it plays out. I just know this, it is of the Lord...no question there.
God lays the plans, opens the doors, and already wrote the ending!


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