I have several posts in the drafts of my blog. I start out full steam and then fizzle out. Sometimes because I start off whining and then decided it's too whiny to share or as I type I realized the message was meant for me! Many reasons I don't always finish a post...then something happens...a mass devastation, and it makes everything I was writing about so unimportant.
HAITI...a country and had never given much thought, until I stumbled on some blogs. This last year I have been following a Haitian missionary family and some parents in the US who are in the process of adopting. What was just a far off country with little meaning to me became a source of curiosity and enjoyment. Getting to know the bloggers and seeing what Haiti's was like. Riding the emotions of the bloggers from stories of their homelife or stories of adoption or stories of ministry. All of it trapped my heart. So much so that a day and half after the earthquake happened...I found out about it....and fear gripped my heart and tears stung my eyes. People I don't truly know...people I felt connected to in a weird cyber way...were possibly dead, injured or trapped. Even those who were in the midst of adoption...oh how my heart ached for them. I couldn't open the blogs fast enough or look at stories online quick enough. I am so glad they have survived...but I know their suffering is not over.
So much to pray for....they do not know me and probably never will but I will pray for them as much as I can. I can NOT even imagine what it is like. I can not imagine no medical care for my children. I truly can not comprehend what it would be like to sleep outside with my children because our house was not safe. I can NOT imagine what it would be like to not be able to give my children food or water. In less than a minute to have my entire world turned upside down.

Money and prayers.....nothing more I can do. Remember to pray even after the news reports stop reporting. Man...this is huge...but God is much bigger.


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