Holy cow...is it really a whole year since last New Years? I can not believe how fast 2009 flew by...but I am not sad to see it go. It was a pretty rough year. So, it's a new year a fresh start. Who knows what this year will bring. My hopes are....in no particular order...just my random thoughts.

1. The baby in our home becomes our legal child.

2. Two of the other children in our home will be reunited with their bio parent/s and if not, that they too become our legal children.

3. My husband and I would attain a good grasp our finances.

4. My marriage would become what it should be in Gods eyes.

5. We would have an abundant and overwhelming drive to eat healthier.

6. I would regain organized control over my home and homeschooling.

7. Singing ministry would finally take root.

8. My adult kids would get stable in their finances and their homes.

9. Grow and strengthen my prayer life.

10. My husband would stay on the path....

11. My children would stay healthy.

There are many things...but this is a good start to that 'Hope List!' So 2010 is here...let's get rolling...God is on the move....


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