Then it was gone...and then it was back???

Yesterday my beautiful kids spent a couple of hours outside playing in the leftover snow and just having a blast. Then in the afternoon it started to rain and within minutes the lovely snow was gone. Just like Western Oregon. At least it wasn't freezing rain. I hate that stuff. So the rest of the night I would occasionally check outside and it was still wet, unfrozen rain. This morning we get up....lightly raining...still unfrozen. Start to make plans for the day such as shopping for stocking stuffers. Got the baby up, took her to change her clothes, diaper, make a bottle and walked into the kitchen and what the heck? White stuff coming down like crazy. Everything already white outside. Wow. Turned my cell phone on and message after message coming through. lol Doesn't take western oregonians much to get excited! It is soooo beautiful. From a previous post.....

Ahhhh O Holy Night playing on the are playing in their is cooing....give me a moment.....

Ok....Im back. I have mentioned in a previous post how Snow was nothing but an inconvenience in my past. Especially when I was working. But there were other times too. When I lived on our farm in Eastern Oregon. When the snow stays around for months and watering and feeding animals is no small task. The husband worked and at that time I did not make my kids help with chores. If anything they were instructed to keep the little ones in the house and keep them safe. I would trudge up to our barn in the freezing weather bundled as well as possible. Milk the cow, feed the other cows, feed the chickens, gather the eggs. Break the ice from the water bowls, check the cows watering trough to make sure the self waterer wasn't frozen up (yep...happened once...overflowed...right into our basement) Make sure everyone had fresh dry straw. A few hours later do it all over again but many times the husband would be home and he would do those chores while I cooked dinner. It was good times and it was hard times. When the temps are around freezing, a cow you are milking becomes your good buddy. Even those who don't like animals may find themselves cuddling up to a cow for warmth. But for me, I loved my cow. She was beautiful and gave us great milk. She was a Jersey with beautiful brown eyes with lovely lashes and very friendly. I rested my head on her warm side many times. The best milk is in the winter though. Chilling the milk down quickly takes away any funky taste. Great butter too. I would have our cats (the ones who would survive the coyotes) and our dogs and the potbellied pig (which was a rescue) circling me waiting for some of that sweet milk to come their way. But, snow was a huge pain. Made everything hard. Driving into town. Walking to the barn. Then I started working and I really started to hate the snow.
So all that I love it. This moment right now is perfect. Lovely snow, beautiful Christmas music playing, fire burning, kids heading out to play (pray they stay safe) and baby sleeping. Just great. Good time to do some scripture reading.
Be blessed this day. If you work, don't work, have snow or no snow or whatever.... See that blessing God has for you this day!


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