Life Changes

I'm not sure why it's so easy to get on a pitty pot but it is. This darn flesh is so consuming sometimes. It's been a rough week but then unexpected events happen and your perspective is changed. A dear sister in the Lord may have a cancerous tumor on her shoulder. I know she will have complete victory in this but consider the fact she went in to see about a torn rotator cuff. Wham...then she is hit with the big C word. Life changed.
Another sister in the Lord has been working on getting an adoption of two older siblings. Siblings to her 3 adopted children. It has not be an easy road for her and on top of that she is expecting her 3rd bio in February. Her husband planning to go to Ethiopia in January to get the older two. Then this morning, however, the unexpected. She starts bleeding, goes to the hospital and the baby is delivered by C section within an hour. Now she is recovering from surgery and we are all praying her and baby will be fine. Life changed.
So do I REALLY have much to be sad or mad or worried about? NO! I have it so good and yet it never seems to be good enough. God has allowed me to have what I have and I have more than many. It may not be what I want or desire but it is my life and it is divinely the life I am suppose to have.
I pray for healing of my friends. I pray for strength of the new baby. I pray her lungs mature and do what they need to do. I pray we all live in a greater faith because of his plans. His mercy. His love. So when life changes, we just step over the bump without hardly noticing and just continue down the road. I need greater faith. I need deeper faith. I need faith in order to have greater, deeper peace! I need peace. I WANT peace.

Please pray for my friends the Friesens Their adoption goes to court tonight and also pray for their new baby daughter who is 2 months early.
God had a plan. That plan is unfolding. His ways are not our ways.....thankfully!

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You.


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