Dinner out

Wow...I can't believe it. I get to go to dinner with my best friend and with no kids in tow. Will I know how to carry on a conversation without interruptions from little ones? Will I know how to finish a thought? That's the great thing about best friends. You can go weeks months and even years without actually talking and just pick right back up again and talk for hours.

God truly brought this friend into my life. He is the one that connected us. Her name is Amy. A name very dear to my heart. It was through working at the Red Cross we met. We didn't really become friends though until she encouraged me to apply for a job in her department. God blessed me with that job. That was the best years of my life within the Red Cross. I had many good times in my 10 years there, but the time I was in Special Collections (for 4 of those years) was the best. The people in the department were funny, loving, and oh so supportive. We all became very good friends. At one point Amy even became my boss (with my mentoring...ha ha ha)...if you want to call her that. She was a manager and that is what she did. She managed the department but she was never a 'boss' to us. We grew so close. If we could have stayed the same department, running the way we knew best, and running the way that WORKED we all could have stayed in a happy world longer. But as all corporations work, there is always someone else higher on the ladder who comes up with stupid ideas that rocks the boat.

She is at Red Cross and I am at home. I will admit she has been a much better friend to me than I have to her. She stays in contact and makes arrangements to come and see me. She is truly wonderful.

This woman is Godly, kind, gentle, compassionate, loving, hardworking, dedicated, understanding, and loves to laugh. Could you ask for anything more (maybe rich.....lol)? She is a perfect friend and I am so richly blessed with her and by her. AND tonight we get each other all to our ourselves....for a few hours anyways.
When we get to heaven she will be one of the ones in charge of much but you won't know it because she will still be floating around with the likes of me! :-) I love ya girl.

The Lord Bless you and Keep you and The Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you peace!

Numbers 6:24


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