Christmas Kickoff

Dinner with my friend was great. It's always great to share some time with her. It's never enough time, but sweet it was. Dinner was fantastic. My fav...Olive Garden.
We had a good day yesterday. We took the kids to see Santa and have photo's taken. We were there my grandson also. Last year my adult son J was working at the same place and was the photographer. We took the two girl (S and A) and as he got ready to take their pic he said "Girls I have a surprise...Emily is pregnant" and he caught them in midst's of gasps! So that is how they found out about their nephew coming. Yesterday we had their pics taken with their little nephew. We don't get the pics til today so can't post yet. Then I had a pic taken with the foster kiddos. First M and L and then baby P. She wouldn't smile because she was ready for a nap and the photographer didn't try very hard but she still looked darling.
Then we spent the afternoon at my house. Eating lunch and watching Narnia. Non of the kids watched the whole movie. They lost interest. We then bundled up the babes and headed to Fairview City hall where my son A was part of the choir singing at the tree lighting. We met Grandma and Poppy and my daughter in-laws parents there. There was another Santa there (with a REAL beard) and he took alot of time with each child. They had crafts, coffee, cocoa, horse drawn buggy's, music, and radio Disney. We had fun. Cold but tolerable because we didn't have the 'east winds' blowing like usual. My grandson slept through the whole event. My baby girl wanted to be held so she could see the lights. I love Christmas...I love the music and the lights. It was a nice day. I was able to be with most of my kiddos and I got to juggle two babies all afternoon. Lots of wet kisses!!! Yum.


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