Return from the Magic Kingdom

Greetings. I have returned from our Fantasy vacation. My feet are an inch flatter and the muscles in my calves are an inch bigger. Walk, walk, walk. It was fantastic though. To see the joy and wonder on the faces of my two girls was worth every cent and every drop of sweat and every burn of every muscle in my body. The highlights were walking in between my two girls and holding their hands, or having them hug and kiss on me without notice. Two of our nights we came back to the hotel, stripped off our shoes and pants and sat on the edge of the tub (all 3 of us) and soaked our feet. Laughing, cringing, drying off at the silly 3 D shows together. Going to a 'Princess Dinner' all beautiful and glimmering with 'Pixie Dust.' Just being together and sharing in 'Magic' moments. I love them so much and I am so grateful for the blessing of them and the blessing of this trip.

The day we left (Sunday the 19th) my dad fell at church, broke his hip, and had emergency surgery to replace it. All of this happened and I was clueless until my return. They didn't want to worry us. Ugh! I shared with my Mom how I felt like a person coming out of a week long coma and having family catch me up on the things I missed. It was surreal. BUT I am thankful he is doing great and it was a hip that has been causing him pain for a long time so I think this could be a blessing in disguise.

So, it was quite a week not only for my girls and I but also for my family. God is in control and He really does know what He is doing!



Great pictures! I'm so glad you had a great time. Disneyland is my favorite vacation destination. We even honeymooned there! Welcome home! DP

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