Nightmare on Porter Street

Rough night. One of the the unfortunate aspects of foster care is many times the children come with teeth that are in great need. Our little MK is such one. She has had 3 appointments consisting of extractions, fillings, nerve treatments, spacers, and a retainer-spacer. Yesterday was her last extraction and what a journey. The appointment went fine. By the time we got home she was crying from discomfort and mouth full of blood. It took me 3 hours to get the hole to keep from bleeding. She was starving in the process and I finally let her eat at 8p.m. POOR baby!!!! I felt sooooo sorry for her. As she ate I was in fear of it starting to bleed again but it didn't . Whew! She went to bed at 9 and all was well. UNTIL midnight when I felt hands touching my back ( I had only been asleep for about 15 minutes) so as I pulled my heart out of my throat and turned over to see who it was, there stood a character from a gory horror flick! Blood all over her hands, her face, her neck, her hair. I flew out of bed. I won't go into gory details but we got her cleaned up and out (her mouth) and repacked it. Too tired to strip the bed and didn't want to wake the other ones, I covered her bloody pillow case and sheets with towels. She fell fast asleep. Before she went to sleep I told her she could stay home from school. She slept till 8:00. I checked on her 3x's during the night and only the gauze sticking our of her mouth was yucky. All is well this morning. She ate breakfast, showered and found her money from the tooth fairy Now she is playing and harassing her brother so she must be fine! Boy, Kids! What an adventure!
I have made her promise me to always take good care of her teeth, drink milk, drink pop rarely, and smile always!!!


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