Homeshool Outdoor School

This has been a busy week...but aren't they all anymore for everyone? The two girls S and A made it to Homeschool Outdoor school on Monday. I drove them to West Salem and dropped them off. They were very excited and little nervous. I went back on Wednesday to pick them up. They didn't seem to connect with anyone there but they said everyone was nice and they had a great time and would go again. So that was success. They participated in Archery, fishing, Target shooting (with a bb gun) science experiments and so on.....S caught her first fish, a Rainbow Trout and then released it. They had many story's to share. A shot a bow and arrow for the first time and hit the target!

I sure miss them when they are gone. I can never help but worry about them. Such as are they scared, nervous, cold, feeling left out and so on. Then I pick them up and they are glowing from having so much fun.

What a blessing there are such events. What a blessing these two girls are to my life! I cherish them! They are truly treasures to my soul.


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