My Mutts

Today on Kellys Korner she is highlighting pets. Ahhh that's near and dear to my heart. I want to share about a couple of my fourlegged friends. I have always loved animals and as a child I dreamed of the day I would get my very own dog. I was dog deprived growing up so I feel my love for dogs comes from my parents depriving me of mans best friend when I was younger (I had to blame someone! haha) As soon as I moved out of my parents house I got a puppy. I was young, inexperienced and broke. The puppy was free, adorable and dead within a year. That's what happens when you don't get them immunized. So I have had hard lessons to learn....many lessons over the years. have had many friends over the years and I have enjoyed them all. They gave me laughs and happiness and have taught me lessons, but I am going to post about my best friends. I will tell you about my two best friends Dolly and Sirion. Dolly was a mutt (a mix) Sirion however is a purebred dog...I just like to call him a mutt to keep him humble.
In 1992 I went to the Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene Oregon looking for a new buddy. I took my oldest daughter, who happened to be my youngest at that time, and we walked along the kennels looking at the beautiful faces of lost dogs....waiting for their new families to arrive. I heard a yipping coming from a kennel not too far down the row. There sat, as pretty as you please, a little black, year old dog. I checked her out and moved on....the yipping started again. We went back and there she sat all proper. Every time we walked away she would start jumping and yipping. Well....she stole my heart. It took us a week (due to paperwork and stuff) to actually adopt her and bring her home. We kept the name she came with because she was such a doll. She was a chihuahua mix...though she didn't look like a chi. She became my shadow. She was where I would be. We made a few moves over the years, living on a farm (she LOVED to chase the bunny's and look for mice) then back to the city, where she loved to ride in the car and to be held. She was spoiled her last few years of life by me and my parents. She loved going to visit at Grandma and Poppy's house. She was worse than the kids at getting excited to go there. She even had her own bed with big blankets there...they kept treats for her and she ruled their roost. I would let her out of the van, she would head down the sidewalk as fast as she could go...leash free...and right to their door. Also, she would wait for those moments when Poppy would go to put his socks on...she would burst with excitement and start biting at his feet because she knew that meant "bye bye" with Poppy.

In 2006 I made one of the hardest decisions of my life. I decided it would be best to put my best friend to sleep. She was nearly blind, her back was humped due to arthritis and we had potty issues. I went alone. I held her. I cried for her. It was done. She was 14 years old. I prayed and prayed that last year that I would wake up one moring and she wouldn't....but she held on and held on. Oh how I didn't want to make that decision...but I did...I had to. She was a doll. She had been through alot with me and I hated for it to end...but it did. I had her cremated and she sits on my shelf now with her collar and a picture of better days. Weird I know...something I would never have dreamed of doing...but one never knows what one will do! She was a joy, she was a heartbreak...she is a great memory. She was and is missed.

But now (I have to wipe my eyes) onto my current love. handsome buddy. In 2007 we had 3 kids, the worlds greatest cat, a belligerent, drooly Great Dane and a new home. For SOME reason I felt the need to add to our family. I started scanning the internet for a new dog. I spent a couple of months looking and praying (yes praying) and nothing struck my fancy. One day I was looking at the website of our local animal control and I saw this pathetic looking Weimeraner. Those type of dogs had never been my favorite...for one thing I never could pronounce the name! and this one had been starved. He was nothing but literal skin and bones. I felt so sorry for him but passed him by. I didn't seen anything that made me want a second look. The next day my husband and I were driving along when out of the blue he said want to go to the animal control and look at dogs. I almost skidded off the road. He was not in favor of another dog...but I did not miss my chance. So away we went. The second kennel we came to was the emaciated Weimer named Beau. Poor guy I thought. Then he looked me in the eyes and my heart leaped. But I moved on. We saw a couple of beautiful dogs and potential ones...but my husband and I were drawn back to the Weimer. We spent half an hour in there looking at him and talking....then another 15 minutes discussing the issues about him. He wasn't neutered, he was an adult, they had no history on him, would he be food aggressive. So many negatives...but I can't explain the draw I had to him. No I wasn't a sucker...there literally was a draw to him...something I couldn't ignore. Trust me I know when I am compulsive and when I have purpose.

We headed to the desk to inquire about him and was told someone had a hold on him. Ok...well that's good and started to turn away when a supervisor asked who had a hold on him. The clerk said someone in Seattle called and wanted a hold put on him. The supervisor said, forget it...we have someone here and now wanting him...let's get him a home. So he became ours. I won't lie...I did go home with buyers remorse...more like fear and it was a rough few months. Special diet, neutering, kennel cough, and the worse of it....separation anxiety. We had things destroyed. But I won't go into details about that. I will say he was never food aggressive, he put on weight, he overcame his anxiety with a kennel and constant love and attention. The best part? He has been the most amazing dog I have ever had. So loving, so gentle, so smart, so obedient, so handsome! I just love this dog. He comes to me when I call him "handsome." Once he was past his trauma of abandonment and starvation he settled. He went from being a dog who would not go potty outside unless I stood at the door to actually sleeping in a room different than the one I am in. He has been amazing with the baby. She loves him...he tolerates her... for food purposes! He is just the most amazing buddy. I know he was an answer to prayer. I know he is a gift to me. I know he will be another heartbreak...but for now...he is a great companion and I adore him. Sirion, meaning 'Little Prince' and that he is......


Deanna said…
I loved your story about your dogs. Dolly was very special to all of us. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of her. We did love her so much. It's funny how some animals can just move into your heart and stay there. Sirion is a good dog and poor Lily, if it wasn't for the drool, it would be easier to love her too. She is so gentle now, not like the wild young thing you brought home. It will be a sad day when we have to say goodbye to both of these beautiful creatures, but we will

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