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I thought about posting about family traditions, and I don't think there is much I can add to traditional Christmas except to say we have a nice dinner on Christmas Eve, a beautiful Christmas Eve service at our church where I sing 'O Holy Night' and then we come home to open presents. On Christmas morning the kids' stockings are awaiting them full of goodies and surprises...usually too heavy to hand on the mantel. BUT....this does bring me to my posting. For several years I have had stockings for myself and 4 of my kids that was home made and given as a gift to us. They are knitted and personalized with our names on them. Each stocking has a different picture on them. Through the years things have changed. I am remarried, I have a step son, each of my adult children have significant others, I have one grandchild and one on the way and 3 foster children. We so would love to have personalized knitted stockings for all the newbies! I can not find anyone who can knit them.
SOOOOOO...this post is more of a request...do you or someone trustworthy you know, know how to knit these and could make me some? Of course i am willing to pay for them if I have great references about them. I thought it was worth a shot......My adult kids love them and really want some for 'their' new families.
So, shoot me a reply if you can help out with this 'Family Tradition.' Here is an example of the stockings. In this pic they are full of goodies and laying on a couch...not the greatest quality pic but gives you an idea.


Those are so sweet! But I am totally not a knitter....yet. I'd love to learn!
I can't even sew a button on a shirt! Thanks so much for keeping up with our blog and for your sweet comments. It has been a long time since I have had time to "blog stalk" so thanks for hanging in there with me and stopping by! :-)
Christmas Blessings,

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