Thursday, November 19, 2009

Checking it out...

I am checking out a new blog called Lolidots and on this blog they have giveaways. Who wouldn't want to win something...I never do but I try. Most of all though, I love checking out blogs. Getting insight into other believers thoughts and how they live their lives. Most of the time it's encouraging. So, occasionally I will post about a new blog I am checking out and this happens to be one of them. They are having a giveaway of Kerusso products. I so love business' that help to spread the word of God and this company does just that. They also donate a certain % of their sales to Compassion International. One of the things that has me the most excited about Kerusso right now is the fact they have 'FREE Shipping' if you spend 30$ or more....I love free shipping. So, once you are done checking out Lolidots Blog, head over to Kerusso and Compassion International and see what gifts you can give this Christmas.

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