Laughter Lives Tuesday

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One day about a week ago I was returning home with only two of my kiddos with me when the my 4 year old foster son makes a proclamation. It had been very quiet in the car and we were just pulling into the driveway when he says, "Mom?" "Yes," I say. "I changed my mind!" he sates. My mind quickly starts reviewing any decisions that had been made that day by him and coming up with nothing I say, "and what is that?" He says with pure confidence and clarity, "When I grow up, I'm going to be Spiderman instead of a Cop!" As I control the laughter that is building up in me I say what any good, honest Mommy would say..."Excellent Decision!" I am happy to know that my love and guidance in this human being has helped him to make his lifelong decision before it was too late.'s a pretty good one too...think about it. Police officers not only can be hurt but they are limited by where their cars can take them. Spiderman can climb buildings, use his webs to fly through the air and he can still clean his room as his day job!!! I can sleep much better at night now!


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