Whew...the days are getting difficult the stress all around us abounds. We have a new stress in our home. The husband is off work with a bad knee. Not good. Not good on the finances or the my mind. NOW if he were a work horse, in the old days if he would have gotten injured I would take him out to pasture and....well....you know! Then I would go into town and buy a new one. Boy things were simpler then! (yes, kidding)
But hence I now get to juggle money, and wait hand and foot on before mentioned husband. I am not a child of God who has alot of patience when it comes to wimpy people. It's something I need to get over but chances are at my age it ain't going anywhere all too soon. When there is a job to do, you do it. I have worked many times through extreme pain because I had to do what I had to do. So when people get some discomfort and then become bedridden at the expense of others.....less than compassionate I am! Yeh, not the wife who loves and cuddles no matter what. I guess I need to work on that. Part of me desires to be, it would be so much easier. Less arguing more acceptance. The other part says....."HA, he's the strong one, the head, the leader. Suck it up and be tough!" To be honest it's the damaged heart which gets in the way. Part of it's my personality the other is history and hurts. So, I will pray for change of heart and be thankful I don't own a pasture.


Anonymous said…
We moms have no patience for husbands who need to be coddled! We have to keep up with everything when we are sick or injured. Guess that's why God gave childbearing to the women 'cause men are too wimpy! LOL! Luv ya!

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