Casting Crowns

I love love love Casting Crowns. Several blogs ago I mentioned that I would post pics of them one day. Well today is the day. I worked on a lot of Homeschooling Lesson Plans and hence listened to the radio a lot today and many times heard CCs music. Love it. They are my all time favorite Christian group. I love them because of the heart of their music and the style/sound of the music and also the band members. You can listen to each song and know and feel the song was truly inspired, lead by the Holy Spirit. The sound is pleasing to the ears and to the heart. The band members believe what they sing and play. Not only have I seen interviews of Mark Hall and was touched by his truth, but when I met him, Megan, and my bff (I will explain that one down farther) MelloDee they were kind, gentle, and gifted. I was truly impressed. There did not seem to be any false hood about them. How great is that. I was so blessed to meet them and see them perform when they came to Portland a couple of years ago. I won the tickets (One of the biggest blessings I have ever received) and not only did I receive tickets to the concert but also to a 'meet and greet' before the concert. Actually when I won the tickets I knew nothing of the meet and great. It was a dinner sponsored by our local radio station 104.1 the FISH. I was able to take my husband, my son James, my daughter inlaw Emily and my daughter in law Connie. We were sitting there eating when band members started walking into the food area. Wow...the first person I met was Megan. She is tall. She was very gracious and humbly posed for a pic with me. Then came MelloDee. I was so comfortable talking to her. We chatted and chatted when my husband kept trying to get my attention, when I finally turned around there stood Mark Hall. MelloDee and I joked about getting together for coffee to finish our conversation (hence the BFF comment...I joked about that with my kids for months). I of course couldn't wait to tell Mark what a blessing they are to the music industry and to me. How I appreciate his gift and told him thankyou for the music. I think there were some other bumbling fan like comments made but I don't remember what they were. I admit it...I was star struck by them. Then My hubby took our pic. It was a fantastic night. I had a great time with my husband and kids and then the concert was incredible. We all completely enjoyed it. I was truly blessed. To be honest, it was not until I met them that I gave them the number 1 position of my choice of favorite music group. To have God inspired music performed by God lovin' people is perfect.
So, I have had dreams of singing harmony on one of their songs though they don't need me....I can dream! I am not some weird stalker. Everday I check twitter to see updates. Sad...but true! They not only sing about the truth of our faith but they live it too. Just like it should be! Maybe someday soon they will return to Portland and I am sure MelloDee will look me up so we can hook up for that cup of coffee! I am sure she has thought about me many times......We have so much catching up to do.....


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