Our Mountain

Majestic Mt. Hood
One of the GREAT things about living in Portland Oregon (and other surrounding cities) is the view of the beautiful mountain God created with his very own hands. It is Mt. Hood. I have this picture hanging by my pc because I just love that mountain. I snapped this pic one day about 3 years ago while looking for a Christmas tree. I love to look at this mountain. I love to watch it change with every season. It changes with ever passing hour. Different cloud formations around it. The different lighting. Different color depending on amount of snow and light. It's amazing and living in the East County I have a great view of it when I am driving around. Just wanted to share how thankful I am for this scenic blessing. If I had enough faith, I could move it so I could see it from my living room window.
Attention: While I was still up late cruising blogs, I began to pray for a precious little princess named Abby. She is battling cancer. She is in the midst of a difficult treatment and needs all the prayers of the saints. He parents have a blog called "Where laughter Lives" and it is listed in my blog list. Visit it, see her beautiful face, and pray for her and her family. Let's move that mountain. Have faith in the Great Physician. Have faith in HIS ability to heal her. Wrap your healing prayers around her and lift her up. In Jesus Name.


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