Back from Camp

The kids made it home from winter camp. They had a GREAT time to say the very least. I am so happy for them. They made friends and some exchanged phone numbers. It was a beautiful day. We were able to put the baby in her stroller for the first time. She LOVED it. We walked from one lodge to the other to get luggage and she was so happy and wide eyed. She has only been in a stroller strapped inside of an infant carseat so this was a new experience. The real 'McCoy.' She was quite the attraction. The girls were so happy to see her. S bypassed me to go and see the baby! Darn kids. :-)
Last night my adult son J came over with wife and precious grandbaby. We sang American Idol Karaoke on his PS2. It was fun! They then took two of the foster kids home with them. That left us with just the baby. Wow...that was the first time since July we have had somewhat alone time at home. We watched a movie and then fell fast asleep. Quite the party animals. It was nice to have a quiet home on a Sunday morning though. BUT.....I am glad to have all my kids back home. Safe and sound.


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