My Gift from God

My oldest daughter, Karina Rose turned 21 today. It's amazing. To look at these adult children and try and figure out how it happened. How did that little helpless being grow so quickly into an independent (almost lol) being. It only seems like yesterday at times that I was holding her tiny little body in my arms and yet sometimes it seems a lifetime ago. She was the precious little one who I prayed for before she was conceived and have continued to pray for her daily since then. I Prayed for a girl. Prayed for her health. Prayed for her future. Prayed (and still do) for her salvation. Prayed for her when she was in a 14 hour surgery for scoliosis. Prayed for her when she cried the first day of school (several years in a row). Prayed for her for the dark times. She has had many obstacles and has overcome. I have prayed many hours of prayer for her and it continues...with almost more desperation. Once they enter the adult world the worries are greater but it's still a joy to see who they have become.
She is a certified groomer and I am very proud of her. She is doing something she enjoys. She is a good hearted young woman. I adore her and I am so proud of her. She was and continues to be a gift from God.
Happy birthday my girl.


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