No time for this

Many of you do not know I have had half of my thyroid removed about 9 years ago. It was swollen for some reason. They can't explain why but because of discomfort it was removed. I elected to keep the other half so I would not have to take meds. Well, the other side has been swelling slowly. It is very uncomfortable so I decided to see the doc. They tell me it is "rather large" like I couldn't diagnose that one myself. My blood work came back fine (always does). They did do an ultra sound and it is a goiter and it has multiple nodules on it. This post is more of a prayer request than it is an informational post. I don't want surgery. I don't want to lose what is left of my thyroid, BUT if they can't get it to shrink some I really don't think I can live with it like it is. It's quite uncomfortable. There is always a chance it is cancerous too. Though I am not worried it is, it still lingers in your mind. All of this is quite irritating because it's time consuming and time is so valuable. So, now begins the road to specialists, biopsies, and more blood work. Blah!
I know God has a plan involving this so I take comfort in knowing he knows best. God give me the energy to deal with it the best I can.

In other news, I have 3 sick kiddos thus far. Baby being the most difficult. Wasn't sleeping well at all. She wants her bottle but of course she can't breathe when she tries to drink. So it's been a tiring week. I will say though she slept well last night which is good because my sinus are burning this morning and I am sneezing...I guess I am the next victim....yae for me!!! I pray I just zip through it. I pray NO one in my family manifests any lingering complications from this bug.

Next week is court date for BG...the baby. It does make me tense I will be honest. I know the Mom's situation has not changed but we can never know what a judge might decide. All I know how to pray is "God, your will be done."

The teen dream son has once again let us down. He received his report card and he has 6 A's and 2 B's....poor thing! What's with those B's??? LOL!!! We are so very proud of him because he is proving what he is capable of. We knew he was and now he is showing it. He has worked very hard this semester. We are praying it carries over into high school this fall. Freshman year is tough. We pray he keeps his nose to the grind stone. We want those scholarships in a few short years. :-)

There is so much sadness, sickness, and stress in the world. Father help us stay focused on you. I sure know my flesh wants to curl up and hide but my spirit says my creator loves me and knows what is happening and has a plan to get us through. If you are struggling, take this time right now to talk to him and then listen to what he whispers to your spirit.

Blessings on each of you this day!


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