Yesterday we bought our two boys a bunk bed. Oh what excitement filled the air. The younger of the two thrilled he would now have a 'top' bunk and the older of the two was thrilled because the lower bunk is a full size. It was getting late when the husband and son returned home with the bunk bed and we still needed to eat dinner. I wanted to wait to set up the bed but seeing the excitement in the face of my boys I decided to let them go ahead and set them up. I won't call it a mistake but I will say it is a challenge. Kids went to bed late, youngest boy slept on the couch and now my living room looks like a room from a 'hoarders' house. ugh! The problem is, we ran out of time last night to finish. I could finish it today but last Saturday I took a fall and fell on my hip onto a a wooden doll cradle. Very hard to lift and bend. So...I am handicapped at the moment. So so frustrating. I would love to just get it done. This is, however, a sign of what is to come. We will be rearranging 5 rooms. We have kids switching rooms and we will be turning the family room back into a bedroom. That means the family 'stuff' will be coming out to the living room. Not too happy about that...not looking forward to it at all...but it's for the kids. Kids present and maybe future kids. It is a home after all. It is going to take days to get all of it done. Oh how my kids have an abundance of stuff. We sort out and sort out and it just seems to never end. The kids are all excited though to get it done. I am excited to get my baby into her own room....actually not excited to get her 'into' her own room but to fix up her own room. Should be fun and she will be so excited.
So, today I will live in the house of a hoarder-dont-wanna-be and hope no one comes by to visit.
p.s. I just couldn't make myself post a pic...it's way too horrific. <lol>


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