An amazing Mother's Day this year

So the 'Ultimate Blog Party' stuff wasn't for me. Too complicated, too time consuming. I just don't have enough time or energy to give it that much thought. I am not e-savvy so it takes too much time to figure that stuff out especially when you have made the decision not to pay anymore into this 'stuff.' I stay with my 'free' blog as it works!


From one of my favorite blogs, Kelly's Korner, it's the infamous 'Show Us Your Life.' The topic this time is Mother's Day/Father's Day ideas. We don't make huge deals out of these holidays, usually just having a mild, quieter day is gift enough. We do sometimes give each other our favorite meal. This year for Mother's Day it will be different and I am excited. Our worship team has picked 3 hymns (plus our call to worship and 'new' song we always do). The 3 hymns are comprised of 3 people on our worship team who have shared with us what their Mother's favorite hymn was. Two of the Mom's have since passed away and one of the Moms is a mom in our congregation. She is in her 80's. That will be special...BUT what is special on that day to me is MY MOM, 3 of my daughters, and myself will be singing together. We will be singing an old of MY mom's favorites. What a blessing that will be. I hope I can keep from crying. It will rank in first place next to the year my mom, my 3 sisters, and myself went to the coast for two nights. Oh what fun that was! It was amazing!!!!
Another aspect of Mother's day this year is my daughter due to have her second child...a son. My oldest daughter...a mother of two. How crazy that seems. I won't get to be there and that breaks my heart but we will be able to skype. Maybe she will have him on Mother's day...that would send me over the top! lol
So that is our plans for Mother's Day...haven't made any for Father's day yet. Maybe I will put my kids on that task! 


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