We Are The Moms

We, as a family, had a huge step in the right direction this past Sunday. The bio mom of our two (pre) adopted kiddos came to church. It was fantastic. I could see how happy she was to be there and I think it proved to her the trust she can have in us to 'foster' a relationship between her, us, and the kids. There are certain people in my family that didn't think we should be that open. That we should give her the least possible, the every 3 months visit, but God says we are to love. Giving her the least amount of time with the kids possible is not showing her love. Giving her all the time possible with the kids and with us and loving on HER is showing HER love...showing her Gods love. So, she came to church service and the kids were thrilled. It went great. She now has my cell number too which I gave to her willingly. Now we have an open line of communication. That thrilled her beyond words.

God is the creator of ALL things. He loves all of us equally and for that I am thankful. The bio mom made some mistakes in her past...haven't we all? Her mistakes in the kingdom of God are no bigger than my mistakes. There is, after all, only one sin that can keep anyone out of heaven, the sin of unbelief. So pretty much...her and I are equal. We are suffering different consequences of our past mistakes but we are the same. We share the same kids. We love the same kids. We are equal. We are the Moms of MK and LB and we are ALL children of the KING!


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