Changes are a comin'

We have had some changes come about in the last few months and I know more are on the horizon. The biggest change is that of the status of our 2 remaining foster kiddos. Their parents made loving difficult decisions to leave the kids with us. Believing it was what was best for them. I was stunned. It is such a bittersweet change. My heart breaking for their parents and for the kids and yet happy and blessed that God chose us to raise them. What an honor. They are amazing kids. Beautiful on the inside and the outside. They will, of course, stay in contact with their parents. I know in my heart their parents are their parents and always will be. I am not replacing them. I will now foster a relationship with them to keep them all connected. They all love each other very much and I know that will continue. The kids accepted the news pretty well. I think it was a little bit of a surprise especially for MK because she has looked to the day when she would return, but yet she also received it with relief. Happy a decision had finally been made and that they would no longer be flopping around in limbo.

Today is a big day. I meet with bio mom to work on some visitation stuff. We had a rough draft already which she accepted and today we are going to discuss more and get more detailed. I am not sure at this point if bio Dad has ever made contact with the mediator. He is struggling with other life issues right now, sadly, and it has been challenging. Praying he can pull himself back up for the sake of the kids and for his own sake as well.
So, in the next few months we will be an official family of 8. The kids want to add our last name to their name which I think he so endearing. I didn't expect it and didn't pressure them one way or another....but that is what they want and it will be great.
God has chosen me to birth 4 amazing kids for which I am so thankful and now at this time in my life...he has birthed 4 kids from my heart. My step son and the 3 the state delivered into our home. I love them so deeply and I am so thankful for each one.

Now to wait on the Lord and see what is coming just never knows...does one...none but the Lord!!!


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