A Lovely morning in Oregon

It is a lovely morning here in Oregon. The sunshine greeted me this morning which was great. It made want to throw open the blinds and welcome it in. Don't get me wrong...I love rain, I really do...but boy that sunshine sure picks up the heart. It's a little cloudy again but at least the wind isn't blowing horribly.
Lot's to do today. I gave 3 haircuts this morning, waited to do my house chores until the showers were done, then in a bit a run to Target, then later we are attending a wedding. The kids are very excited about that...well the girls are that is. It should be a nice time of fellowship. The groom is Cuban and I hear there will be 'Cuban' food there so I am interested in trying that. The husband will be happy there is food there...he won't care what kind. So everyone should enjoy that part of it.

My girl in Hawaii still doesn't have a laptop and that does not make me happy. I miss seeing her and my grandsons face and talking with them. I love to sing 'our' little song to baby W. He loves when Nana sings him his song and he always claps and says "yea" at the end. I love it. I did send him a video from my phone of me singing. I heard he liked that. I ache so badly to see them. I am praying {begging} God to provide a way for me to get to that island to see my kids and welcome my new precious grandson when he arrives. Nothing is impossible with my heavenly Father...just have to figure out if that would be His will for me or not. He does know what is best.

I slept in this morning and have now spent too much time on the computer so now it's time for my shower. This country is so blessed....I am so blessed!!!

I have posted a couple of pics of the kids I take to church on Tuesday nights...they are great kids!!! The second picture is of them being 'normal.'


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