In a mere moment

I still have a hard time these days organizing my thoughts enough to write something coherent. But I push myself to write because I for one enjoy reading blogs and get tired of opening someones blog seeing the same post for days, weeks, months. So I will attempt to write something somewhat sensible.

Events of late have been mentally and emotionally 'whelming.' From marriages within our family breaking up, long term employments being terminated, dear friends and family with serious health problems...then the 'Over' whelming part...that mere moment in time when core of your being is jolted...the earthquake in JAPAN. It took me several hours before I began to worry about Japan and the people there because one, I didn't see any of it on the news and two, because my pregnant daughter and my grandson were on alert in Hawaii for a tsunami. She was all alone because her naval husband was 'underway' and it was dark outside and she didn't know what to do. My heart absolutely sunk into the soles of my feet. I was utterly helpless. There was nothing I could do....but pray. After about a half an hour of wracking my nerves I decided to go to bed. My heart and my brain could not handle anymore. I know some would think I should stay up all night with my girl on the phone...but I could not. I would have had her freaked out. I knew I needed to let her focus on the news and assess situation. I told her to call me if anything changed. I headed off to bed and while I snuggled into my bed with a heavy spirit, I laid it before my creator in prayer. I feel asleep after a time...while praying. It was a restless night and I woke early. I sent my girl a text not knowing if she would be awake or not...she wrote right back and she was fine. She had the one and only person on that island that she knew come and stay with her. Her friend was more afraid then she was. They were a great comfort to each other. I was so thankful that God brought them together. I sat at my computer and cried. I was thankful they were safe...I was thankful my girl was not alone. What a relief. The next day as I saw the news stories and the videos...then my heart broke for Japan. Only God knew what was coming. Only God knew how to help those who would die and those who would survive. Even today....I still feel at a loss of what happened and what I could possibly do...I pray. Father be their comfort. Be the living God that they will see and will cling to. The God that saves and gives eternal life. You are the only god that can not be destroyed. The only god that can not be ignored. "YOU are mighty to save." I pray that we your people will be more mindful of you. That we will live each day as if it is our last. We will live each day as if it may be our 'neighbors' last. Help us God, those still walking this earth who serve you, to seek you. To continue to learn your word and to put it into practice. That we will share and live the 'Good News.'
Pray for Japan, pray for those who travel to help Japan. Pray for the unbelievers, pray for the believers.
God bless each of us.


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