We finally had some winter weather. It didn't last long, but it was sweet while it was here. Yesterday we had a snow day. We got 3 to 4 inches of snow....enough to cancel school and go outside and roll around. I love Western Oregon for this reason. We usually don't have ongoing inclement weather. I remember once we had a bad freezing rain storm and we were without electricity for 3 days...but the worse I remember. I lived in Eastern Oregon for 4 years and the first winter there was horrible. It was the worse and longest winter they had, had in years. Lucky me! Oc
tober came and the snow started to fall. It was exciting and awesome at first...but when January and then February and then March came around and we still had a bunch of snow on the ground...I was done. Not only was I new to that weather but we had moved onto a farm. The fences were in disrepair as the cows soon found out. I had to feed them everyday and break the ice off the water. It took us a while to get tank heaters, and water pipe heaters all hooked up running. Oh the whole other aspect was driving...thankfully God had blessed us with a 1 ton 4 wheel drive Suburban before we moved there. I would have been housebound many times and then I would suffered 'cabin fever' as well. It was an interesting winter...I learned alot and one of the most valuable things I learned while I was there...I much prefer the Oregon on the West side of the mountains.
Here are a few pics from our 'Snow Day' excluding the 2 teens who preferred to stay inside.
I will be honest and say I did pray and ask God to give us at least one day of snow...and He was gracious and did. Thank you Father. We had a great day.


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