Blessings that go 'BAM!'

You know how you have a request on your heart that you know only the Father in heaven can answer? You know how you lay that request at his feet often and wait to see what the outcome will be? There is ALWAYS an answer to that prayer. Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes the answer is silence, sometimes the answer is yes...and then the yes is fulfilled in the darnedest way....
That is what happened to me in January. First of all I ended the year sick...and began the year fun! Then 01-11-11 came. Me and 3 of my girls were on my way home from a 'science lab' my girls attended, we had just went through a signal light, traffic came to a sudden stop and 'BAM'....the cargo truck behind me used my van to stop. He was going about 40mphs. packed a punch. Scared me and my girls pretty good. I have always known I don't do well in emergency, think fast situations and that day I proved it. God knew this about me and had a young, kind, helpful man in front of me (I ran into his Subaru wagon...but didn't cause any damage to his vehicle). The cargo van behind me pulled off to the side and never came to check on us...I think he was pretty dazed and to make matters worse he was driving his 'work' truck. I was shaking so bad I found it hard to find my information. It also happened to be a cold day, a 32 degrees kind of afternoon. Me being the mature, well experienced woman that I am, I called my mommy and daddy and said "help." So they came and helped me with the girls. It took about an hour to swap info and wait for the tow truck. Though my van didn't sustain much damage in the front (A slight buckle) it wouldn't start, so I had to have it towed. The pictures I have don't show all the damage, but most of it. Glass shot from the back half up through the van, but fortunately my girls were not hurt. We spent a couple of days very sore and me very down. This is when the answer to prayer came about...

One of my hopes and prayers I have had was for a bigger vehicle. I, of course, had my plan. We would pay off my husbands truck come May, then go and buy a bigger van and keep my mini van. It was, after all, paid off, had new brakes and tires and we had never had a problem with it. I knew as soon as the wreck van was totalled...and it was. It was a sad day when the wrecking yard came to tow 'her' away to the junk yard. She deserved a better resting place than that. sigh. I knew and acknowledge that the Almighty God had my life in his hands. I knew everything would work out. I knew God was allowing everything to fall into place...and yet the heavy weighed in my heart. Dumb huh...over a vehicle. It wasn't just that I was attached to the van, it was the hope and plans of having no car payments were paid off on my husbands truck we would be able to use that money to pay off some other bills. It was a little bit of fear of what vehicle we would get next. Say...a 'lemon.' My heart was a little heavy...but on the upside my spirit was willing. I didn't drag myself around wounded. I focused on God and prayed for the sadness to go away. For HIS plan to be revealed. I knew we couldn't afford a 2nd car I wondered how...

We did have a very nice rental van for 2 weeks. My kids LOVED it. DVD player, heated seats and many bells and whistles. I told the kids we were on a "van vacation." They were sad to see it go.

I would sit at my desk and wonder how it would all work out. We would have to use what little the insurance company would give us and buy a used van, knowing full well that any van we bought would be older and high in miles and have issues....BUT...for one of the first times ever...I really did give it over to God. I said...I have NO idea what to do or how this will work out. I need YOU to reveal this to us....and He did! Long story short, we found a newer used van (more money than I would have ever considered paying at this time) and the 'bank' gave us enough for the new 'to us' van to pay off the husbands truck and our payments were cut in half. Amazing. And so...what did we end up with? A new to us mini van? NOPE...we ended up with a beautiful 12 passenger van...just what we needed (and wanted). There is so much more to this story.... but I will end this lengthy post with this. I am not sure why God allowed us to go through what He did...but I know, He knew best. I know this van we are driving today is directly from him.

Tuesday night....I had 10 kids in the van to go to 'Kidz Klub' at was a beautiful sight!

Some days I miss my mini van, but I am thankful for the blessing that God gave it has FM radio and a CD me that is better than gold.

I will admit every time the thought of having a bigger house crosses my mind...I push it out of my thoughts. If he allowed a wreck to happen in order to get the bigger van...It makes me nervous to think what could happen to get a bigger see if God has plans for us for more kids...........


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