I really dislike going so long between posts because I never know where to start....what to share...a little 'writerswhelmed.' .
I will start with facts:
Summer is in full swing. We have bug bites to prove it. Mosquito's are horrible this year. We have gone through 2 cans of bug spray in 2 weeks. I can't imagine those who live this daily.
A few have been to our lovely and local Multnomah falls once so far. Took my youngest kiddo and my youngest grandson. Their first time being there. We had lunch, which my eldest daughter paid for, and then we went and had icecream. A great day.

We had a family bbq at my nieces house of the 3rd of middle daughters birthday. Nice seeing family and getting to hug on my brother. He brought newly acquired pictures of my nephew and some oldies of my siblings. As for my daughters birthday...she turned 13...TEEN. sigh...these kids...they grow up way too fast. She, for one, has been acting like a teen since she was 2 or there are no surprises. It's just sad that she looks like such a young lady now. She has gotten taller than me....not that it's difficult to do...but still! When she was born, I had her by C'section so we spent the 4th of July in the hospital watching, from the 3rd floor windows people lighting off fireworks. She is so dear to me. She is such a beauty inside and out.
Then we get to 4th of July. It was a little odd since it fell on a Sunday. We had to rise early because every year our church moves the time of our Sunday service one hour. Instead of starting at 11 we start at 10. So that meant we had to get up even earlier, be at church for worship team practice at 9, have church, then kill a couple of hours between church and the service we conduct at the neighboring nursing home. We finished at 2:30 and headed home to spruce up the house, prepare the grill, get the patio area ready and wait for our company to arrive. So, it all turned out great. The weather was cloudy and cool, the mosquito's were lousy but the fellowship with family was sweet. I am blessed to have a great daughter in who happens to have great parents so it is nice when they join us as well.
From our house we can see professional fireworks pretty good that are set off over one of our neighboring lakes. Then my son and his helpers set off our store bought ones. In Oregon any fireworks that fly are illegal, but our neighbors like to purchase the illegal ones in we get to see those as well. Quite pretty some of them. I was glad the day was done and we picked up the mess and the family members went home. My husband and I then sat out our patio area and enjoyed a nice backyard fire and the glow of the tiki torches and the few fireworks still going off. Nice relaxing end to a very busy day!
Happy Belated Birthday America. I am so thankful God as blessed us greatly and pray He continues to do so.
I will post 4th of July pics in the next post...easier and faster that way!


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