A Decision

I have contemplated for quite a while opening our home to more kids. Is it the Holy Spirit nudging? I kept telling myself we can't because we don't have a large enough van. I also knew we couldn't fit more bodies around the dining room table. Well...we found a table. It extends to 8' long. So...I continued to think...well we still don't have a van or money to buy one. Then one Sunday I thought (again...was it the HS) turn the family room into a bedroom. So now I am wondering is God testing me? Because I have held onto that family room. It's actually a larger bedroom we turned into a family room. I like it so. It's where the t.v. is. It's where the toys are. It's where all the family pictures are hung. I really like that room. So, is God testing me? Is he waiting for me to step out in faith before he opens the door to blessings? I don't know really. I want to know this is from him. I have so far turned our entry area into a dining room, to accommodate the new dining table. I turned the small dining room into our computer area. I will say it's worked out ok. I not terribly fond of it...but it works. So, I am waiting for direction. If we turned the family room into a bedroom and then by some miracle we get a bigger rig we could take in 2 more kids. TWO more kiddos...two more lives to have love and stability. It makes sense to move forward...but man it's going to be alot of work...and money. We have to have the cable guy come out AGAIN...at a tune of $76...again!!! I would have to consolidate stuff and part with things...which is a little hard but totally doable and wouldn't stop me. So, I am just putting 'it' out there. Pray for direction. Pray for my heart. Pray for Gods Holy Spirit to direct. Pray I don't listen to the Negative Nelly's and let them get me down. I wan to walk in Gods direction.

Thanks for your prayers.


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