A day at the beach

We were actually able to escape for a day this week. It was nice. One of my favorite places on earth...the Oregon coast. Lincoln City to be exact. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing which made it quite chilly and the little one didn't like walking on the sand. She is funny about things. So she sat quite a while...which is very much unlike her. Then she rolled around the blanket some and then later she sat in my beach chair. Funny duck. The other two (we only took 3...the other 3 were scatter amongst family) had a great time. They were freezing half the time but would warm up quickly and go off again. The beach we go to has a small river that feeds into the ocean. It's called a river but looks like a small creek. Just perfect for Little ones to play in. We found our beach treasures, got a few sunburns (me) then after a few hours went to dinner at my favorite coastal restaurant....Mo's. The kids ate great. Little MK had clam chowder for the first time and loved it. She also had shrimp but we knew she already loved that. All of them ate well. We then checked out a Pier in a small town called 'Taft.' The kids got to see wind surfers and clam diggers. Lot's of new stuff for them. Headed home and they crashed out. Slept 3/4 of the way home. A nice quiet drive.
It was a good day. Hope to get some more of that action in the next week or two. I need it!!!


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