"She's my yankee doodle sweetheart, she's my yankee doodle girl. A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ came to town a ridin on a pony, she is my yankee doodle girl!!!" She wasn't born on the fourth of July, but just a few hours shy of it....BUT she is my firecracker...that's for sure. I adore my middle girl. She has such a good heart. She is loving and kind. She is imaginative, helpful, creative, talented, funny, and beautiful. The meaning of her 'real' name (she goes by a nickname) means 'Like Spring' and she is. She is new and fresh and bright and beautiful. I am so thankful for her. So today she became an official tween. Though she is young, she is much taller than me. She is also taller than her older sister. I took her, her sister, and her best friend to the Mall at Jantzen Beach yesterday for a birthday surprise. The surprise was actually a Manicure and Pedicure. She was soooo excited and enjoyed every minute. She was just glowing. She was able to shop a little and her, and her friend rode the beautiful 1904 Carousel inside the mall. We then went to lunch. Later after arriving home, we had a special cake delivered. My girl is into the 'beach' stuff and her favorite creature is a sea turtle. The cake turned out so cute. It was made by the sister of her best friend. Nice to have talented friends.
The day she was born was a looooooooong grueling day. My water broke at noon on the 2nd, was in the hospital all afternoon, all night, and didn't have until 7ish p.m. on the 3rd...by 'c' section. The pitocin was killing me so I was ready to make the madness stop. She was by far the most challenging pregnancy and difficult labor. She was born with long silvery blonde hair. Weighing in at 7lbs 14ozs. What doll she was. The second night in the hospital we spent it alone, standing at the window watching the fireworks go off all around the neighborhoods. I didn't mind at all. I missed my other two kids and was sorry I couldn't be there for them to help celebrate the 4th but it was a special time with my newest babe. A dimly lit room, the beauty (and quiet) of admiring fireworks from afar and holding my precious new daughter. Having her all to myself. As she grows and matures and moved farther away from me emotionally, I will hang on to that memory of that tiny little being who was at one time....only mine and I was only hers! I love you S, you are precious and dear and special to me! Happy Birthday.


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