Happy 1st Birthday

Our precious baby BG turned one today. She had a rough start but she is great now. She is full of life. She is strong willed, stubborn, independent, and precious. I am so thankful to God for choosing us to love and care for her.
Last year when we were finally certified to foster, we had two children placed. 2 months later I suddenly felt the urge to rearrange my daughters room to fit a small crib (with the blessing of my daughter of course). The next day our certifier was due to arrive and conduct a final inspection. I showed her the crib and told her I would be willing to take a baby. She said great but to be prepared because they hadn't received many babies in the last few months. I said that's fine, just as long as you know the offer is there. Not more than 2 hours after her visit she called and said "Malissa, you won't believe this but we have a baby needing placement." wow...my head just swirled. "She said she is 2 mths old and is in the office right now." God once again showed me his power. He knew this baby, he knew when this baby was going to need a new home and he placed it on my heart to prepare for her. Little did I know what a perfect fit this child would be for our family. We went to the office and picked her up and what a doll. I will post the only pic I have of her I took with my phone the day we picked her up. It makes my heart to think of what a hard day that must have been for her.
Once she arrived it was one of the most difficult times in my life. Waking at night several times, her having melt downs in the evenings. Her first few months with us is somewhat of a blurr because of lack of sleep. BUT...it was so worth it. She is a beautiful and precious doll. My entire family has fallen in love with her. She looks similar to my oldest daughter when she was a baby and her personality is just like my middle daughter. We know she is not ours and we also know she may not always be with us but we still know we could not or would not stop that love from growing inside our hearts for her. She is a gift. We do desire to spend the rest of our lives with her but more than that we pray God's will be done in her life. He has plans for her and he will orchestrate those plans. I pray for her mom as well. I do have sympathy for her. My heart hurts for what she has been through and I pray that someday she will be well but for now, my heart desires for this baby girl to stay where she is safe, loved, provided for, and adored. She has brought a beautiful spark into our lives.

Today is her first birthday but we will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow, but I wanted to post a pic of her today.

Pray for her and her family. Pray for Gods direction and Gods healing. May God bless her and keep and make his face to shine upon her and give her peace.....all the days of her beautiful life!


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