Not about me!

We have a foster baby with us right now. She is almost 3 weeks old. Oh my goodness she is tiny and so precious. It is so bitter sweet. I know this is Gods ministry, I know we are in this to help keep children loved, blessed, and safe until they can return to their healthy parents...but oh how this will be a challenge for me. Letting her go. Better sooner than later...but already my kids are madly in love with her and each day I can feel my heart absorbing her more and more. A woman I really appreciate and she is founder of 'Project Hopeful' always says..."it's not about me" or "'s not about you!" I totally isn't about me. It's about my God and it's about this baby who needed a safe haven until God allows her to go where ever she needs to go...but my heart me. That part is me and that part of me can feel the sadness creeping in. It's the lack of faith, because I worry about where will she whom is she going. She is not being returned to bio mom...but they are digging deep to find a family member for her to go to. That's the part that is tough for me. If it was mom...not as painful...digging in the woodwork to fine someone,.....anyone related that she can go to...that doesn't set well with my spirit...but it is what it is. I am doing what God has called me to do. I will love on her, pray over her, and feed her and keep her safe, warm and clean. God will help me through the hump....feels more like a mountain though!


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