"I have given you authority.....

Luke 10:19 (NIV)
"I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you."
This is the 'truth' the Lord has laid on my heart this week. This week has been soooo difficult. Marital trials, financial burdens, and worry about all my children has taken a toll on this beyond middle age mother to 6 (currently). I know it's because of lack of sleep that all of this has been nearly impossible to deal with. I truly felt it was going to be the end of me this week. I thought my body was just going to give in and go to sleep and never wake up. But God had different plans. He gave me some grown up time away from the little ones for a few hours and then he added an extra couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep and today....I feel like a warrior again. I feel I can stand back up strong in the battle again.
In Numbers 21:4-9 'Israel' begins to whine and complain about hunger and thirst...bread from heaven (Manna) not being enough. So God allows vipers (the dreaded snakes) to invade them. Many are bitten and die. He then instructs Moses to create a bronze snake, affix to the top of a pole and when anyone is bitten by they are to gaze upon the bronze snake and they will be healed. Now, no where in the scripture does it say they will not be bitten by the snakes, only that if they are bitten they can be healed. They would be redeemed, saved by following Gods instruction. Now we can look at the Luke 10:19 scripture and see He has given us authority to step right on them and keep going. They can be around us, slithering around our feet (shudder) but they can not bite us...they can not harm us. So, get to trampling those snakes (employment woes, financial fears, health scares.....)in your life. Crush those scorpions that come in to rob and steal your trust, your security, your joy, your love, your faith! Look up...keep both eyes firmly focused on Jehovah-Jireh. Why? Because he has given US, His created, His beloved, authority to do so!!!


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